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Amazeing Art Press Room

Roman orator Cicero

The Roman orator Cicero entertaining a crowd

Christopher Berg is the creator of intricate mazes and the author of Amazeing Art: Wonders of the Ancient World (HarperCollins Publishers).

Christopher has been a frequent media guest on radio nationwide, has appeared on CBS and FOX TV, and has been profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle and other publications. His mazes have been used in ad campaigns for such clients as Ben&Jerry's and the State of California, and have been reproduced by the British Museum.

If you are interested in learning more about Christopher as a guest for a radio or television, or are writing an article on mazes and labyrinths, consider the following:


Christopher is an amazing guest. He's lively, quick, and my audience loved him!"

—Karen Grant, host, "The Karen Grant Show," KSRK Monterey, CA

Media Guest on Short Notice!

Christopher will do interviews on short notice or at late hours, so call anytime.

Cell phone: 510.579.0743


We must also mention the Labyrinths, quite the most abnormal achievements on which man has spent his resources. One still exists in Egypt..."

—Pliny, Roman author, 1st century AD

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