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Endorsements of Amazeing Art: Wonders of the Ancient World

Serialized in Games magazine — Recommended by the Archaeological Institute of America — Author appearances on radio nationwide and on CBS and Fox TV — A BookSense "What's in Store" Main Selection —  Art reproduced by the British Museum

Maze Book

Amazeing Art Maze Book

"Christopher Berg, a master of arcane facts, draws mind-boggling mazes [with] enough loops and tangles to stump even the savviest of maze enthusiasts."
The San Francisco Chronicle    full story

"An engaging journey through history's maze of ancient wonders. Part book, part puzzle, fascinating true tales—stranger than fiction—author Christopher Berg lays down a challenge that's hard to resist."
Frequent Flyer magazine

"Christopher Berg ingeniously leads us into the mazes of antiquity. Each turn is marked by unexpected enigmas and enchantments, until finally, so caught up in the journey itself, one forgets that one is lost at all."
—Ulrica Hume, Labyrinth Facilitator, St. James Church, London

"An entertaining and informative mixture of ancient gossip, modern speculation, and hard scientific fact, Wonders of the Ancient World is a novel way to attract the attention of puzzle solvers of all ages and backgrounds to a rich assortment of antiquity's more impressive, yet often still mysterious structures."
—Jeremy Rutter, professor of Classical Art and Archaeology, Dartmouth College

"A rare and delightful blend of whimsy and knowledge, Wonders of the Ancient World offers a unique introduction to some of the most fascinating monuments of the ancient world. Mr. Berg's mazes delight the eye and are wonderful discoveries in and of themselves."
—Sean Hemingway, Curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

"A work of true genius, this is one of the most important books published this century. Buy your copy today!"
—Cynthia Berg, the author's mother


The earliest mazes we know of were parts of architectural monuments built in Egypt and on the island of Crete about 4000 years ago.

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