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Christopher Berg, Author and Maze Artist

Christopher Berg

I've been creating puzzles since the 5th grade, when I first began drawing mazes of various formless objects such as amoebas. In my fertile imagination back then there were many varieties: space amoebas, killer amoebas, swirly amoebas, dividing amoebas, multi-colored amoebas (rendered in different colored ink, of course) and others. Sometimes I got in trouble for "doodling" during school.

I stopped drawing by about the 7th grade, and didn't pick it up again until college. While studying archaeology at Dartmouth I travelled to Greece, and when I saw the Parthenon the first thought that popped into my mind was, "That would make a really great maze puzzle." That experience culminated, many years and two jobs later, in the artwork and essays of Amazeing Art: Wonders of the Ancient World published by HarperCollins.

My maze art has been featured on CBS and Fox TV, in ads for Ben & Jerry's ice cream, the State of California's public service campaigns, Games magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle (read the full story), and other places. I am also a media guest on talk radio nationwide, including the Art Bell show and NPR affiliates.

MMT Telescope

What else? I once worked as an astronomer with the Multiple Mirror Telescope, I was a management consultant for many years, and after college I rode a motorcyle across the United States, accompanied by little more than a jar of peanut butter and a bag of carrots. My previous writing includes the analysis of unusual stellar objects from an international quasar survey for the Astrophysical Journal, as well as several articles on the future of alternative fuel vehicles. These days I spend my time working on mazes for various clients and dreaming up my next big project.

I'm represented by Michael Larsen and Elizabeth Pomada, the dynamic duo of literary agents who I highly recommend to all prospective authors. Oh yes, and I live in Berkeley, CA, the town with the highest tofu consumption per capita in the US (Hawaiians eat the most Spam™ per capita, in case you were wondering). Here is a picture of me on an island in the Pacific. If you can guess the island, maybe I'll send you a prize. Send me an email at  .

All my best wishes that you will get lost,

Christopher Berg


The Pyramids likewise surpass description, but the Egyptian Labyrinth surpasses the Pyramids."

—Herodotus, Greek historian, 5th century BC

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