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How to Contact Amazeing Art

Phone: (510) 579-0743

You can also reach me by mail in Berkeley, California at the following address:

Christopher Berg / Amazeing Art
1744 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94703

About Me

I've been creating puzzles since the 5th grade, when I first began drawing mazes of various formless objects such as amoebas. Read more on the about chris page.

Media Guest

I've spoken about mazes and labyrinths on dozens of talk radio shows nationwide, including the Art Bell show, as well as on CBS and FOX TV. Members of the media may wish to visit the press room to learn more or request a press kit.

Maze Designer

If you are interested in hiring me to design a maze, see the maze design page or send me an email:

The Amazeing Art Newsletter

I send out a maze puzzle newsletter every few months with links to free printable mazes, news about mazes and labyrinths, my favorite new logic puzzles and other conundrums, special offers, and other stuff.

You will be sent a confirmation email, click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription. You can unsubscribe anytime via the link at the bottom of every email. I value your privacy (and mine), and I will never share your email address with anyone.

Permissions Requests for Use of Maze Art

To request permision to use my maze art, please send me an email at  . Please include the following information in the email:

  • Who you are (name, organization, website)
  • Where you are from (city, state, country)
  • How you plan to use the maze(s)? newsletter, bulletin, magazine, website, class handouts, other?
  • How often you would like to use the mazes(s). One time? weekly? monthly? daily?
  • Which mazes would you like to use?
  • How did you find me? Through another website? search engine? publication?
  • Finally, if the mazes are for use in a serial publication, please let me know your most recent circulation numbers.

Also see the legal page for important terms and conditions.

Website Feedback

Questions or comments about this web site? Send an email:  

Like the mazes? Tell me what you think...

Have a comment or question? I'll answer your maze-related questions and love to hear ideas, suggestions, and site feedback.

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A simply-connected maze has pathways that never re-connect with one another, so every path either leads to additional paths (a fork) or to a dead end.

You can win a free book. It's true.