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Maze Art Posters from Amazeing Art

maze poster of the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Maze Poster

The real name of this statue is "Liberty Enlightening the People." This Amazeing Art maze puzzle was featured on CBS TV news. Can you find your way through the maze of freedom?

11" x 17" | $11.95
Item #PST02

maze poster of the Parthenon

Ruins of the Parthenon Maze Poster

The most renowned of Greek temples, the Parthenon housed a 40-ft high gold and ivory statue of the Greek goddess Athena.

11" x 17" | $11.95
Item #PST03

maze poster of the Assyrian winged bull

Assyrian Winged Bull Maze Poster

Assyrian kings loved to sculpt giant statues of winged bulls for their royal palaces. This maze is based on a statue taken from ruins dating to 960 BC...

11" x 17" | $11.95
Item #PST04

maze poster of the Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum Maze Poster

The Colosseum was considered a Wonder of the World by the Romans. Beneath the sands of its arena lay a maze of passageways...

11" x 17" | $11.95
Item #PST05

maze puzzle of the Egpytian Colossus

Egyptian Colossus Maze Poster

The mysteries of Egypt come alive in this beautiful maze poster depicting one of the famous Colossi of Memnon near Thebes...

11" x 17" | $11.95
Item #PST06

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Christopher Berg

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A multiply-connected maze contains one or more passages that loop back into themselves. A well-designed multiply-connected maze can be difficult to solve.

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