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Maze and Labyrinth Books

Educational books on the history of mazes

Here are some of my favorite educational books on the history of mazes and labyrinths:

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Through the Labyrinth, Hermann Kern
The best and most extensive book on the history of mazes and labyrinths in both ancient and modern times. Great book with fabulous illustrations, but expensive.
The Idea of the Labyrinth, Penelope Reed Doob
This book is focused on textual labyrinths, philosophical mazes, and the idea of the labyrinth as it developed throughout the Middle Ages. Scholarly but interesting.
Mazes and Labyrinths, William Henry Matthews
The original work on the history of mazes from the 19th century, somewhat dated now but still a good basic introduction and reference. Cheap too.
Magical Paths, Jeff Saward
Jeff Saward knows a lot about mazes. In this educational book he looks at how the mythology and evolution of mazes and labyrinths has contributed to their current popularity.
The Maze and the Warrior: Symbols in Architecture, Theology, and Music Craig Wright
This book details the use of labyrinth symbolism in music, mythology, gardening, religion, art, and even dance. Emphasis on music, and its pretty academic (Harvard University Press, after all).
The Labyrinth: Symbol of Fear, Rebirth and Liberation Helmut Jaskolski
The history and meaning of the labyrinth symbol, drawing on stories ranging from medieval tales and ancient myths to the fiction of Umberto Eco.
Mazes and Labyrinths Nigel Pennick
Nigel is a leading earth-mysteries researcher, and in this book he traces the history of the labyrinth and speculates on its symbolism as a meaning of life.

Educational Maze Puzzle Book

Solving mazes develops hand-eye coordination, creative thinking, and left-brain puzzle solving skills. Its a great activity for kids, much better than watching TV or playing video games. The Amazeing Art: Wonders of the Ancient World maze book contains intricate maze puzzles depicting ancient monuments, along with the fascinating true tales behind them. If you are looking for a fun maze puzzle book or educational book, then check it out.

"We must also mention the Labyrinths, quite the most abnormal achievements on which man has spent his resources. One still exists in Egypt..."

—Pliny, Roman author, 1st century AD
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