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Maze puzzle Links & Resources

Maze puzzle of the Colosseum in Rome

Maze puzzle of the Colosseum in Rome (80 AD)

 more maze posters

Here are some of my favorite places on the internet related to mazes:


Caerdroia, the Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths
The web site of Caerdroia, the best journal on the history, design, and use of mazes and labyrinths, run by Jeff Saward. If you are interested in ancient labyrinths, this site is for you. Subscribe to the journal, keep abreast of labyrinth news, buy books, and much more.
Alex Champion's Earthsymbols
Since 1987 Alex has been making earthwork mazes using his knowledge of sacred geometry. Once you have experienced them, you may decide that you need one of his mazes in your backyard! Here is a photo of Alex with one of his creations.
Cornfield Maze Company
These guys do a lot of cornfield mazes in the US. More than 100 of them, at last count. Look for a maze in your neighborhood with their locator.
Adrian Fisher Maze Design
The site of outdoor maze designer Adrian Fisher, who has done much to popularize mazes worldwide over the past decade. One of his mazes is probably near you...
Alex's maze
The Labyrinth Society
The Labyrinth Society aims to spread labyrinths all across the US and the world! And they have a plan. They also organize annual international labyrinth gatherings...
Good puzzle site, including some maze and tesselation puzzles and games.
Tony Phillips, Professor of Mathematics
This SUNY math professor is fascinated with the mathematics of mazes, and after you read some of this web site, you will be too. Or, you may just end up dazed and confused...
Think Labyrinth
Algorithms for creating and solving mazes, maze applets, sample mazes, and more. Don't miss the terminology page.
American Maize Company
The company that started the US cornfield maze craze, way back in 1993, by constructing the first cornfield maze (a 3.3 acre maze of a stegosaurus, no less).
The Megamaze people have a lot of mazes, and their mission is to provide you with great mazes for a great price.
Lots of unique interactive puzzles and logic mazes (mazes that involve following paths in a particular order) can be found here. Nice, and free.
The name says it all. Maze puzzles, in many different styles, by Sara Caldwell and other contributors.

If you have a maze or labyrinth website to submit to this list then email me

Directories of Maze Websites

There are three major directories of maze sites on the internet. You guessed it, they are: Google, Yahoo and DMOZ. I like DMOZ the best, but check them all out. DMOZ is otherwise known as the Open Directory Project.

If you want you can search DMOZ for any set of terms related to mazes, games, or puzzles:

Educational books on the history of mazes

Here are some of my favorite educational books on the history of mazes and labyrinths:

maze book
Through the Labyrinth Hermann Kern
The best and most extensive book on the history of mazes and labyrinths in both ancient and modern times. Great book with fabulous illustrations, but expensive.
The Idea of the Labyrinth Penelope Reed Doob
This book is focused on textual labyrinths, philosophical mazes, and the idea of the labyrinth as it developed throughout the Middle Ages. Scholarly but interesting.
Mazes and Labyrinths William Henry Matthews
The original work on the history of mazes from the 19th century, somewhat dated now but still a good basic introduction and reference. Cheap too.
Magical Paths Jeff Saward
Jeff Saward knows a lot about mazes. In this educational book he looks at how the mythology and evolution of mazes and labyrinths has contributed to their current popularity.
The Maze and the Warrior: Symbols in Architecture, Theology, and Music Craig Wright
This book details the use of labyrinth symbolism in music, mythology, gardening, religion, art, and even dance. Emphasis on music, and its pretty academic (Harvard University Press, after all).
The Labyrinth: Symbol of Fear, Rebirth and Liberation Helmut Jaskolski
The history and meaning of the labyrinth symbol, drawing on stories ranging from medieval tales and ancient myths to the fiction of Umberto Eco.
Mazes and Labyrinths Nigel Pennick
Nigel is a leading earth-mysteries researcher, and in this book he traces the history of the labyrinth and speculates on its symbolism as a meaning of life.

Educational Maze Puzzle Book

Solving mazes develops hand-eye coordination, creative thinking, and left-brain puzzle solving skills. Its a great activity for kids, much better than watching TV or playing video games. The Amazeing Art: Wonders of the Ancient World maze book contains intricate maze puzzles depicting ancient monuments, along with the fascinating true tales behind them.

Questions and Comments

I'll help you find maze-related stuff on the internet, just ask me by leaving a comment (might take a day or so for a reply).

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I visited the Egyptian Labyrinth, and found it to surpass description; for if all the great works of the Greeks could be put together in one, they would not equal this building."

—Herodotus, Greek historian, 5th century BC

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