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Maze Designer Christopher Berg

Some of the folks I have designed mazes for include Ben & Jerry's, the State of California (Arnold's "Eat Healthy" ad campaign), and Truefire's Maildog (direct marketing). Other maze design projects include corporate promotional calendars and private commissions. The British Museum has also reproduced my art.

Mazes are powerful, archetypal symbols. Whether used as puzzles on consumer products (think cereal boxes) or as metaphors for a broader advertising message, mazes create interest and are remembered.

As a maze designer who has been drawing puzzles for more than a decade, I can turn almost any idea into a finished, professional product. Contact me today:

Phone: 510.579.0743

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Maze puzzle of the Parthenon

Maze puzzle of the Parthenon, Athens (438 BC)

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Maze Design

  • print ad campaigns
  • consumer product packaging
  • promotional materials
  • architectural portraits
  • activity sheets

What is the difference between a maze and a labyrinth? A labyrinth has a single path that winds into the center, while a maze is a puzzle with many choices and dead ends.

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