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Photos of mazes (and a maze designer lost in one)

"So how did I become obsessed with mazes?" Good question. And I have no idea what the answer is. Ever since the 5th grade I've loved mazes. I used to draw mazes in class and take them with me on road trips (in 5th grade you don't have to worry about things like driving). Note to parents: mazes make great games for road trips — they kept me quiet for hours! But anyway, now people pay me to draw mazes, how great is that?

Here are some photos of me visiting various outdoor mazes and labyrinths. I've had to shrink them a bit or the size of this page would have been huge. So I'm actually larger than I appear on your screen. I am going to the gym as often as possible though.


Entrance to the Dole Pineapple Maze

Here I am by the entrance to the Dole Pineapple Plantation Maze, the largest in the world at the time.

Lost in the Dole Pineapple Maze

This is what it looks like inside the Dole Pineapple maze. You would think that as a maze designer I wouldn't get lost. But I got lost.

Talking to Mrs. Reese's 5th grade class

OK I'm not exactly lost in winding corridors here. I'm talking to Ms. Reese's 5th grade students about mazes. Fun.

In front of the labyrinth

In front of the Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral

Corn mazes — maze games for the whole family

Being lost in the Dole Pineapple maze is pretty much the same experience as being lost in a corn maze. Corn mazes are a lot of fun for the whole family because it is so easy to get completely disoriented, even in a relatively simple one. And corn mazes are actually a lot like the earliest mazes designed by the Greeks and Egyptians (4000 years ago), which were outdoor architectural mazes rather than written (or printed) puzzles. So the experience of trying to get through a corn maze is very similar to what ancient authors wrote about when they got onto the topic of mazes and labyrinths.

Photos of corn mazes

I have some photos of corn mazes and other outdoor mazes that I'll post here soon, on a separate page (so they don't make this page too large and slow). But if you are interested in finding a corn maze (or maize maze, as some call them) near you, check out the links to corn maze companies in my maze resources page. Don't forget, the corn maze season is in the fall (when the corn grows!).


The Pyramids likewise surpass description, but the Egyptian Labyrinth surpasses the Pyramids."

—Herodotus, Greek historian, 5th century BC

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