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More Printable Mazes, Puzzles for Kids

Here are more free printable mazes, some from the Amazeing Art: Wonders of the Ancient World maze book and other new mazes which I post here from time to time. They make great educational puzzles for kids. Don't forget to check out the featured maze too.

Maze of the Roman Pantheon

Maze of the Pantheon in Rome

The Pantheon is a circular Roman temple that was dedicated to all the gods, and had a hole (or oculus) in the center of its giant dome to let in sunlight. This maze is based on a painting by Pirinisi. The English poet Shelley called the Pantheon "the visible image of the universe."

printable maze puzzle
full-size, on white background

Spanish Galleon maze

Spanish Galleon Maze Puzzle

Ever wonder what all those sailors did to pass the time in the months it took them to cross the Atlantic? Was it mazes?

printable maze puzzle
full-size, on white background

Cat Maze Puzzle

Larry Ashmead's Egyptian Cats Maze Puzzle

My wonderful editor at HarperCollins, Larry Ashmead, collects salt and pepper shakers, so I drew him this maze. It's based on an ancient Egyptian sculpture of a cat.

printable maze puzzle
full-size, on white background

Mazes — educational puzzles for kids

Why do mazes make great educational puzzles for kids? Because mazes develop cognitive ability, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination, while at the same time they are a lot of fun. Kids love mazes. If you are looking for a game for kids or any sort of educational puzzle, try out some of these puzzles.

Like the mazes? Tell me what you think...

Have a comment or question? I'll answer your maze-related questions and love to hear ideas, suggestions, and feedback. And its fun to hear how you used the maze art.

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The earliest mazes we know of were parts of architectural monuments built in Egypt and on the island of Crete about 4000 years ago.

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