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Printable Mazes — Previous Visitor Comments

August 10, 2011

Here are a lot of past visitor comments about the Amazeing Art: Wonders of the Ancient World maze book and the free printable mazes. They are all from the technological dark ages of email and web forms. Thank you all for your comments I really appreciate them, it helps me draw better art.


PS: If you want to share your own thoughts go to leave a comment.

  • Which one do you consider the hardest maze?
  • Christopher Berg: Of all the mazes posted on the web, probably the Statue of Zeus at Olympia. In the book however there is the hardest of all, titled "Order, Chaos, and the Artistry of the Labyrinth"
  • Absolutely incredible. I've never seen anything like these! i have printed out some for my kids (they like to be challenged). Of course I'll have to try one out as well. Thank you for sharing your talent. —VH from South Bend
  • Thank you! My granddaughter need a picture of an ancient Egyptian cat.
  • I think you have great ideas, I love this page
  • I find this to be a wonderful diversion and stress reliever. Thanks for giving us mazes that we print well. —Rhonda
  • this is just awesome!!!!!!!!! i m impressed by the creativity. it is soooo meticulous work. good job guys.
  • I like this web-site but you need a little more... how do I say this... well, you need more of up to date mazes. Like oh... American things. Just an idea. Sorry if I ruined your day. Thank-you.
  • Thanks for the wonderful art and mazes. I use them with my consumers and they really like them.
  • You should know how your website has opened the whole world of fun and simultaneous critical thinking for myself and a group of 40 children that I care for at a private after school program. Some of these children from 1st grade to middle school have never experienced mazes of such substative nature, let alone any mazes ever. We started a "Maze Masterminds" Club and the kids ask for more! I will tell them about your book. I have one question, "Do you have even more advanced mazes available?" Thanks for great mazes! The art is very well done and aesthetic.
  • I would like to say that your mazes are very, cool. My Art teacher asked me to find some mazes online. I will definately tell her about your wed site!
  • do you have easier mazes please send some????
  • its ok you need to do more mazes of animals
  • Christopher Berg: Maybe like hamster mazes?
  • Your mazes are super! I haven't read through you entire site yet, but I wonder if you've considered marketing these to social studies teachers for use at school.... L.Savage
  • Christopher Berg: Well I sort of have considered that, but to tell the truth I haven't figured out how to reach school teachers as a group yet. I mean, how does one get one's work in front of social studies teachers? Are there certain magazines that you all read?
  • i think that some of the mazes are impossible and retatrded such asthe Hanging Gardens and the Statute of Zeus Olympia
  • this is the neatest idea for inspiring an educational appreciation of art!
  • i think this is a great site but you should get more mazes of different things like animlas or sports, that would be really cool!
  • Christopher Berg: This site originally grew from a book project on the ancient world, so there are a lot of ancient world mazes. But I agree, more mazes on different themes would be great. I'll be adding some new stuff in the future.
  • i want to know how can i make a good maze.step by step.i need to know what is the concept and how can i create a real architectural maze. thanks.
  • Christopher Berg: OK, I'll create a page with some tips on drawing mazes. That's a great idea! Thanks. Give me a few weeks.
  • THANK YOU sooooooo much for sharing your mazes. My art students get more acquainted with art works while they make an effort to solve the maze. The kids love these! -- Stephanie, Grosse Pointe
  • they are so fun!!!! Ilove doing them. my subsitute teacher gave the class 2 of the mazes, and when i finished them i was lookin for your website. of course i found it, or i wouldn't be here!!! I'm probably going to be one of your biggest fans!!!(but first i need to be alloued to shop online!!!:) well i gota go. mabey to find out were you sell these, besides online, of course!!!! :) (im doing some of the free ones right now!!)
  • I think that this is great that you have all these mazes. My friend and I saw this and it really helped with our assignment. thank you heaps
  • They AMAZE me! I do cognitive remediation therapy and these are great for executive functioning skills. Thanks!
  • My 6 year old son is CRAZY about mazes, and I have a hard time finding mazes that are difficult enough for him. He loves these mazes! They are challenging for him, and keep his interest. Plus, it is fun to talk about the meaning of the pictures too. Joanne C., San Anselmo
  • all of the mazes are very difficult.they need to be easier
  • Nice work, and nice site....Thanks for the cool freebies!...This site will go in my favorites...
  • I think they are geart.
  • These are awesome!!!!! Probably going to give me a headache and drive me nuts, but can't wait to try!
  • Beautiful mazes. thank you for providing them, they kept my kids occupied for some time while they were at my office.
  • I think these mazes is off the chain and if you don't know what off the chain is it means that i realylike these mazes well i got to go, jeff
  • I just found it and my nephew is going to be overjoyed to get these mazes. Thank you so much to whomever built and keeps up this site. It is wonderful and is going to help young minds grow!
  • Brillant! thanks for posting them.
  • A-Maz-ing. Great work. Tight concept is exeptional. No jokes. Just absolute rendition of subject matter. Breath of fresh air. Thanks, VCE
  • Awesome! Challenging enough to keep my "brainy" 7 year old still!
  • Wow! These are great! Did you make them yourself?! Can you make some more? How many others have you done?
    —Victoria (SA)
  • Christopher Berg: Lots and lots of mazes, more mazes than I can count now. I just finished a new maze for the State of California's "5-a-Day" healthy ad campaign (eat your fruits and vegetables folks). It was a departure from my usual style, it was a logic puzzle and a maze combined. I may do some more like this. Stay tuned.
  • These mazes are amazing, they have given the year six students something to focus on after their SAT's national tests. Many thanks, they are definitely on par with Tesseracts mazes, well done! Jackie UK
  • these things are hard and weird
  • Christopher Berg: Maybe I should do a maze of Tony the Tiger? (TM). Oops, I'd probably get sued. Darn.
  • wow! Just beyond words! Simply amazing...Congrats.
  • I make mazes myself, but now that i've seen yours my mazes are not so good i as i thought they were. i take my hat off to you, yours are the best i've ever seen anywhere.
  • Christopher Berg: Well I'm not sure how long you have been drawing mazes, but I'll tell you: the first mazes I ever drew may have been just like yours are now. If you like drawing mazes, keep at it and you will get better and better.
  • This site is fantastic! These mazes will make our 6 hour road trip alot more fun. Thank you!!!! Carla (Atlanta)
  • Excellent website. Working with adolescents I've found that keeping them busy keeps them out of trouble and these should occupy them for a long time. Thanks!
  • They look great . can you please get more mazes thanks
  • This is an amazing website it has helped me keep my students busy while teaching them the origins of art.
  • Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful mazes. I was looking for some mazes for my girls and found some wonderful ones for myself.
  • I have just stumbled across your site while looking for mazes for my 7 year old Daughter. Thank you for making these available. She will be learning a bit about the world while enjoying one of her favorite pass times.
  • Pretty incredible
  • I love your mazes it's so fun and so cool!!!!!
  • where do you make the puzzles?
  • Christopher Berg: In my small office/art studio in Berkeley, CA. I have lots and lots of fine-tipped pens there, and its quiet.
  • OH MY GOD!!!!! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!!!!!!
  • I think your mazes are great they had me thinking hard but you should make a printable maze that is a pyramid.
  • I love you'r mazes. The art work is fantastic and so vivid.
  • these are amazing. I am almost 60 years old and look for ways to keep my mind processing and being chalanged. These are a lot of fun and helpful. Sincerely, William R.
  • Hi, I tutor an emotionally disturbed 8th grade boy for an hour a day and your mazes were the key to for me to establish a rapport with him. Thank you for making them available.
    Sincerely, Jessica L.
  • Have u got any easy mazes for little kids?
  • Christopher Berg: Try Activity Pad they have mazes for preschool kids.
  • I think that they are all very well designed. And that it is amazing what you can do with a lot of lines.
  • i think your mazes are great but i think u should post the answers to them and if you already do make them easier to find bacause im having trouble locating the answers. But over all i love your mazes .They are a perfect way to make a day go by great to do on rainy days also.
  • Christopher Berg: Thats a good idea, maybe I should post some answers. I think people might look at the answers first though, thus ruining the puzzles. Let me think about this.
  • These are so wonderful! My 6th grade class is going to love them.Thank you so much for these great print-outs — Clea P., Olympia WA
  • you need more easy mazes
  • I think your mazes are very GOOD, keep up the GOOD work
  • I printed some out and they were really cool. And i brought some in my classroom for my friends to do and they all loved them they said they were sort of hard. But to me they weren't as hard as they looked or as hard as i thought they were.
    Sincerly, Joe
  • toooooooo easy!
  • Wonderful!!! I will put a link to your site from mine for all cat lovers.
    Sylvie Forel,
  • have you made some of pyramids?
  • Christopher Berg: Yes I do have a maze of the pyramids, but right now its only in the book.
  • Your mazes are in an interesting shape. They really grab my attention.
  • How the dickens did you do this? Andrew
  • Christopher Berg: Very slowly :) I draw them by hand, then scan them into the computer, which is where I turn them into devious puzzles. You can see the whole process on this CBS TV newsclip.
  • Can you make them a little bigger? But other than that this is a great website to get mazes off of. They really give you a challenge and that is what I am looking for. This is a great website!
  • Christopher Berg: I fixed the technical problem that was making some of the mazes print too small. Now they are all full-page puzzles (download the pdf files).
  • they're goooooooooooooooooood
  • i think that this site is great. i have printed off so many. thankyou sooooooo much! you and the search engine -Sarah L.
  • your mazes are awesome how do you make them it takes me months to finish one!
  • Amazing. Thank you.
  • i think these mazes are the best around — darren
  • What a great idea! I love these. I would suggesting renaming your picture files - I couldn't print without saving them (the pictures came out too small to be able to actually DO the maze, so wanted to save them to double the size) But your file names are **.1.gif etc, once saved the .gif is dropped off and they're unusable till I fiddle.
  • Christopher Berg: This has been fixed, download the pdf files for full-size mazes.
  • do you have anything that is not art????
  • Christopher Berg:, I guess not.
  • This site is awesome, please grt more art mazes...
  • These are fun and I will use them in my sixth grade class — Will
  • I am the boss of you
  • I think you should make eaiser mazes these are too hard for me i need them for my magazine i am making
  • Do you have any mazes of hamsters?
  • Christopher Berg: Sadly, no.
  • How do you finish the Statue of Zeus at Olympia?
  • Christopher Berg: There is a trick to this maze — you have think outside the box (and that's a pretty big hint there...)
  • they are really cool
  • These are great! Make some more... it's like they say once they love one they love 'em all!
  • Hello! Nice mazes you've got here. I do have a question about mazes, but it's not your ones. Do you know if there is a site where I can publish my own home-made mazes and see other peoples worksamples? —Daniel C., Boras, Sweden
  • Christopher Berg: Why not start your own site? Web hosting can be as cheap as $1 a month now.
  • these are cool lol
  • While doing a search for ships for my son's school project on the Spanish Armada I found this site. Needless to say he enjoyed the maze more than the project! I am back to get some more for him now (after much nagging).
  • you have too long mazes
  • these are amazing pictures u are a great artist
  • they are good, i like the cat - justin

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