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Free Printable Mazes — Educational Games

Here are a few free mazes from the Amazeing Art maze book. They make great educational games for kids and are good for road trips too. The stories behind these monuments, also from the book, are as fascinating as the maze art. So just follow the links to the essays.

Maze Puzzle of Assyrian Statue

Assyrian Winged Bull (Lamassu) Maze Puzzle

The Assyrians loved to carve statues of winged bulls for their opulent royal palaces. Well, actually, it was their slaves who did all the carving, since Assyrian Kings often hid in fear on obscure plots of farmland. This maze appeared in Games magazine and was featured on Fox TV. Its also available as a maze poster.

printable maze puzzle
full-size, on white background

Maze Puzzle of Akhenaten, Egyptian Pharaoh

Maze of Akhenaten, Heretical Egyptian Pharaoh

Akhenaten was an heretical Egyptian pharaoh who tried to induce the Egyptians to worship the sun-God Aten above all else. Unfortunately, he came to a bad end. Maybe you can do better finding the end in this puzzle! Akhenaten was the father of Tutankhamun, and you can read an archaeologist's account (from his diary) of the opening of King Tut's tomb in 1922.

printable maze puzzle
full-size, on white background

Maze of the Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Maze of the Statue of Zeus at Olympia

This 40-foot tall gold and ivory statue of the god Zeus presided over the early Olympic Games. It was the most celebrated artistic work in ancient Greece, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This maze is pretty nifty, too, and it got into Games magazine and was reproduced by the British Museum.

printable maze puzzle
full-size, on white background

Mazes, Labyrinths, and Ancient Ruins

Why mazes of ancient monuments? The same juxtaposition of order and disorder, of artistry and chaos, that is apparent in mazes is also manifest in ancient ruins. Monuments such as the Great Sphinx, the Colossus of Rhodes, or the Egyptian Labyrinth were once pre-eminent symbols of human achievement, masterpieces of technological skill and the control of vast manpower and resources. Yet now they are also vivid reminders of the inevitable triumph of time over the works of man, of the irresistible decay that gnaws away at all great things...

Educational Games for Road Trips

We all take road trips. When I was a kid I used to bring my mazes with me on our (very long, but wonderfully fun) family trips. We didn't have tiny TV's built into the back seats of our cars back then, but I think road trips were better that way. Mazes develop hand-eye coordination and puzzle solving skills — just what I needed in the 6th grade. And I'm sure my parents appreciated how quiet I was!

A good educational puzzle beats TV any time. So if you are looking for some puzzles for a road trip, download a few of these mazes and try them out. And don't forget to print some of the essays as well, so you can talk about the history of these ancient wonders. The stories behind the monuments are half the fun.

Share Your Comments

I love to hear feedback, suggestions, and crazy ideas for new mazes! And its nice to just hear how you used the maze art.

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Ancient legends associated with mazes—such as the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur—speak of danger and confusion, of heroes and transformation, death and rebirth.

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