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Printable Maze Puzzles, Educational Mazes

Maze puzzle of Statue of Liberty

"Liberty Enlightening the World," New York (1886)

Amazeing Art™ mazes promote both structured and creative thinking, increase problem-solving skills, and are popular and fun. These puzzles have been published by HarperCollins, reproduced by the British Museum, featured on CBS and Fox television, and used in Ben & Jerry's commercials. They are great educational puzzles for home schooling or road trips and make unique presents for gifted and talented children.


Mind-boggling mazes [with] enough loops and tangles to stump even the savviest of enthusiasts..."

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What is a maze? Is it simply an intricate network of passages? In the ancient world a maze was more than this: it was a place of "planned chaos," where order and disorder existed simultaneously. To those unlucky enough to be lost within, all is confusion. To those who can see its pattern from afar, however, the maze revealed its artistry and design.

On this site you can download free printable mazes, learn to draw mazes, buy fun and educational gifts, explore the history of mazes and labyrinths, and more:

Maze puzzle of Assyrian winged guardian bull.

The Might of Assyria

One day in 674 BC Esarhaddon, a powerful and capable ruler of Assyria, abdicated his responsibilities as King. He cast off his regal attire, traveled in secret far out into the countryside, and hid in fear for his life on an obscure plot of farmland, tilling the soil like a common laborer.

Only a select few from the King's inner circle of advisors and priests knew of his whereabouts, and if they dared write to him, they addressed their letters simply to "The Farmer." Like Esarhaddon himself, they too were afraid for the King's life...

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 printable maze puzzle

Finally, here are some interesting photos of me getting lost or trying to confuse people. Linking to the Amazeing Art website? Get some help with buttons and code. And, if you want to use my art for anything other than personal, non-commercial use please ask for permission.

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According to the only two ancient historians who saw it with their own eyes, the Egyptian Labyrinth was more impressive than the Pyramids at Giza.

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